What is Mulberry Zuccarin?

Mulberry ZuccarinMulberry Zuccarin is a product by a Scandinavian company, New Nordic, that utilizes the natural elements of mulberry extract to assist in weight loss.  The mulberry tree is native to China and Japan and its leaves, particularly the white mulberry leaf, has been utilized for hundreds of years for numerous medicinal purposes.  Commonly brewed into tea, the Chinese use the mulberry leaf to counter-act infection, digestion problems and inflammation.

New Nordic’s Mulberry Zuccarin uses the mulberry leaf for a substance called 1-deoxynojirimycin, or DNJ for short.  DNJ works as an inhibitor to keep sugars (polysaccharides) from being broken down into glucose.  While this sounds like it could be potentially dangerous, DNJ works less like a brick wall and more like a chain-link fence, only blocking some sugars from reaching the blood stream and, in effect, assisting in regulating blood sugar levels of diets rich in carbohydrates.

For those of us who viewed chemistry as a core subject to be passed and forgotten rather than an elective, polysaccharides consist of glycogens, starch, cellulose and chitins.  Still lost?  Don’t worry, I’m getting there.  These various forms of carbohydrates are mostly used for storage of energy, with levels peaking after the consumption of a meal.  In a sensible diet matching your metabolism, these are all essential elements to maintaining a regulated, healthy lifestyle.  However, like anything else, an over-abundance of these in a typical metabolism (disregarding teenage boys) will lead to weight gain, most often in the abdominal region.  Think of it as an animal that stores food for the winter, putting food aside for when it will be essentially eaten.  Any animal that stores too much food will need a bigger cave.

Who Should Buy Mulberry Zuccarin?

Putting two and two together, you can see how Mulberry Zuccarin would be beneficial as a dietary supplement for weight loss.  At the same time, it would certainly not be for all people.  While it could potentially serve to assist diabetics in regulating their blood-sugar level, this has not been FDA approved and could serve as potentially dangerous, especially if coupled with other inhibiting medication.  People with highly active lifestyles such as swimmers and runners burn through carbohydrates much faster than the average person and may need all of the food that they absorb.  And naturally, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid Mulberry Zuccarin, as they’re supporting another life.

Mulberry Zuccarin is no substitute for a healthy diet, merely a supplement to assist in working your way there.

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  1. I’ve used the product for quite a while, and It helped me to keep my diabetes under control and also made me crave food less in general. The only thing I don’t like is the price, but hey, we gotta make sacrifices for our health.

    Thanks for the good explanation of the effect, it is a bit of as science lab going on to be honest.

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