Dr. Joel Wallach & Dr. Peter Glidden – Restore Your Health

Healthy Start PakListen to Doctor Joel Wallach’s Audio Here:

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Here are a few key points from Doctor Wallach’s Deadly Recipe Lecture:
* Humans need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids.
* Exercise without supplementation is suicide.
* Eat less carbs, eat less fried foods and don’t drink soda pop.
* American Longevity is not good compared to other countries.

Listen to Doctor Peter Glidden’s Audio Here:

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Based on Doctor Wallach’s Deadly Recipe Lecture and Doctor Peter Glidden’s Who Made MD’s King Lecture, we highly recommend the following products:
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1. Beyond Tangy Tangerine – Majestic Earth Beyond Tangy Tangerine contains a base of Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals blended with vitamins, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients.

2. OSTEO-fx Plus – Promotes strong healthly bones & joints. Calcium, Magnesium, Glucosamine and Vitamin D3.

3. EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Softgels – The perfect supplement for vegetarians! Ultimate EFA is a 100% organic blend of flax seed oil and borage oil.

4. Ultimate Selenium – An essential nutrient to the human body which we require, but we cannot make. Selenium, A, C, D3, E, Zinc, Copper, Chromium and more…

5. Whey Protein Drink – SLENDER FX™ MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE – Vanilla or Chocolate, and found under YOUNGEVITY SHAKES AND POWDERS

Products recommended can be found here:
*** Jared’s Favorite Health Restoration PAKS ***

Here are a few different kits you can choose from to get started with:
* HEALTHY START PAK (Jared’s Personal Favorite)

All of these kits can be found on the page that the link Jared’s Favorites takes you to.

The other thing I must recommend, in order to get the maximum benefit from your supplements is to remove gluten from your diet. It’s probably against everything you would normally think is healthy but you must eliminate the following grains that contain gluten from your diet: Wheat, Barley, Rye and Oats… sorry but that includes beer… :) You will need to find gluten free bread usually made from brown rice.

After trying these products, please get back to me, and let me know if these supplements are making a difference in your health and well being?

James Pence

P.S. Fire your MD now and take back control of your health!!!

10 Replies to “Dr. Joel Wallach & Dr. Peter Glidden – Restore Your Health”

  1. Hi Jared, great post on Health News Today regarding Youngevity products.

    I have found removing wheat, barley, rye and oats from my diet is very important in being able to absorb the nutrients from my supplements. This is the best gluten free bread I’ve found so far to date. “Udi’s gluten free whole grain bread” it’s kind of expensive but tastes pretty dang good compared to anothers that I have tried.

    Thank you for this great blog post! And keep up the great work! TJ

  2. What an eye-opener talk by Dr. Joel Wallach! I was impressed mostly about how important those minerals and vitamins truly are; how easily it is to ruin our health by ignoring the most basic essentials!! I may never eat another French fry because now I have proven knowledge of the damages to my health which fried foods can cause – without a doubt.
    Between Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden’s expertise on health issues, there’s no excuse for not taking better care of ourselves and in the end, the ball is really in our own court!
    TJ is right – great blog post!!

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  4. That’s right Doctor Wallach, most chronic disease is caused by mineral deficiencies!!!
    I really enjoyed Dr. Wallach’s Deadly Recipe Lecture!
    Thanks for the great blog post Jared!
    Jay Cooper

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  7. I am a member and have been taking the HHB Pak for 2 months. No gluten, fried foods, etc. Mitral valve prolapse and fast irregular heart beat. Blood pressure much better but heart still fast and irregular. Taking beta and calcium blockers. Sorry for it but don’t know how to quit it.

    • Hi Sonya, sorry I just realized I haven’t been seeing these comments for some reason. This question would have to be answered by your Doctor or Alternative Physician. Best Regards, Jared Blake

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  9. the gl free bread i found that i like better then unos is called glutino , you can make a sandwich with it that does not fall apart , very close to regular bread ,worth trying

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