America is sick


We have a huge problem in America, most of our population is sick!

How are those Doctors helping us with chronic disease? Medical Doctors (MD’s) are trained in the use of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and surgery to attack chronic disease and it really seems that this is all they know and use. This is a serious mistake when it comes to our health. Medical doctors focus around the concept of killing the invaders or kill the virus but nothing is ever done to or focused around strengthening the host. Strengthening the host is the best way to stop chronic disease.

Here are three choices we can make when facing chronic disease:

1. Medical Doctor (MD Allopathic Physician) directed treatments using synthetic drugs can cause serious side effects and rarely cure chronic disease. MD directed surgery on chronic disease can also be very dangerous and rarely heals your body or restores your HEALTH. MD directed treatment is the wrong dog for the hunt when it comes to curing chronic disease. MD directed treatment is very good for trauma type treatments like broken legs, car accidents, bullet wounds, etc. However in my opinion, they are the worst choice for curing chronic disease.

2. Do absolutely nothing: Our health will probably continue to deteriorate if we are making no efforts to change our lifestyles, diets and start using nutritional supplements.

3. Therapeutic Levels of time-tested, science based, clinically verified Medical Nutrition: No side effects except significantly improved health. God has given our body the unique ability to heal itself on its own if you provide it with the necessary raw materials needed in order to do this. You must also completely avoid the 10 bad foods (use the Contact Us link on our site and request me to send it you to you) in order for your body to absorb and utilize these life saving nutritional supplements. Otherwise you will probably not get the desired results. At first we usually need to be taking therapeutic levels of these nutrients but once we feel significantly better we should be able to reduce down to maintenance levels.

Well the choice is yours and I hope you chose wisely!

On the home page of our site I have blog post titled Dr. Joel Wallach & Dr. Peter Glidden – Restore Your Health please make sure you listen to the two audio lectures, one by Doctor Joel Wallach and the other by Doctor Peter Glidden and if you have any questions, please contact me via the Contact Us link at the top of our website.

James Pence

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